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An introduction to Sage Business Cloud People

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1) Find the Team Member record for the Team Member, change the Employment status to Active
2) Create a new Employment record for Team Member (this can be done form the Team member record, in the Employment related list, click ‘New’)
3) Create a new Salary record
4) Activate/Reactive User Record (via Change User button on the Team Member record)
5) Reset password (from User Record)
6) To trigger Action Emails (and onboarding emails) set the ‘Trigger Action Email’ field to ‘Start’ on the Employment record

  1. On the Vacation Absence Rule Detail screen set a Reset Date and select the check box Zero Negative Accrual on Reset
  2. Ensure in the Absence Seniority Detail screen the Block Minimum Year End field is set to either -0.49 or -0.10. This will allow an employee to take all their vacation allowance but not go into a negative balance.

As a System Administrator you can view a list of all scheduled reports by;
1. Go to Setup>Administer>Monitoring>Scheduled Jobs
2. Create a new view and set Type equals “Report Run”

Alternatively if you just wish to view a list of your own scheduled reports;
1. Go to Setup>Admin Setup>Monitoring>Scheduled Jobs

  1. Go to their Team Member record and select the link to their HR Department. Here you will see the Policy they are assigned to, select the Policy and scroll to the bottom of the page. In the Absences – Paid Time Off section you will see their Absence Accrual Pattern and Work Days Pattern.
  2. On the Employment Record in the Absence section select the Absence Calculator button. At the top of the screen in the Details section you will see the Absence Accrual Pattern and Work Days Pattern.