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Yes. You’ll gain many features and an extremely simple payroll experience. The data will also be integrated with your Sage Business Cloud Accounting product, meaning that you’ll save time and reduce manual data entry. You’ll also have access to a mobile app, giving you on-the-go access, in and out of the office.

You don’t need to specify annual salary. Instead, specify how much the employee gets paid each pay run.

The payroll system remembers the most recent salary amount specified in a pay run. This means that you don’t normally have to specify it again in the next pay run.

This is used to capture a unique employee reference for your company which is included in your submissions to HMRC:

  • If you’re transferring from another payroll system part way through a tax year that uses the RTI Pay ID, you must enter this on each employee.
  • If your previous payroll system was HMRC Basic Tools, you can find the RTI Pay ID under Employee Details > Employment Details > Payroll ID.
  • If your employee is a new starter who has moved from another business, or you haven’t previously used a payroll system to submit your employees under RTI, Payroll will automatically assign them an RTI Pay ID.

You get your Government Gateway credentials either from HMRC or from your previous payroll software.