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If you want to enter a Journal in Base Currency you have to create a Manual Ledger Entry. However, if you need to enter a journal in anything other than Base Currency you need to follow a different process. This would need to be entered as a specific ‘Journal Type’. This route gives you a choice of currency and exchange rate. It can be entered by Navigating to Other Transactions > General Journal.

Yes! There is a Setup Wizard for adding new companies! This takes you through a simple and easy to use process. Simply follow screens of step by step guides to ensure you have included all information needed in the system for that Company. To find this, head to Configuration > Companies > New. If you do not have the Configuration tab, you may not have the necessary permissions. You can contact your System Admin and ask them to grant you the Sage Admin Permission Set to gain access to this.

The posting rules which are set up per transaction or journal, tell the system where to post to within your Chart of Accounts. If you are receiving this error there is a Dimension on the posting rules that is Mandatory. If this is the case the field will need to be completed in order for the system to post.

Disappearing buttons is quite common if you have custom Transaction or Journal Types. When a new upgrade rolls in sometimes the buttons can be ‘reset to default’. To correct this head over to System > Actions and search for the Post button. Then scroll down to the Subject section and add the UID of the Transaction Type. You can add the following buttons onto either a Journal or Transaction list view or details screen: Post, Unpost, Delete, New, Import and Convert.