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An introduction to Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management

Sometimes we come across a scenario where user needs the purchase order to be closed only after certain conditions or never. Sage provides a functionality ‘PO line closing method’ which helps the user in setting them.

Navigate: Parameter –> Parameter values –> Purchase
Click on Rest Management — > PO line closing method

Set the parameter with desired condition. For example if user never wants PO to be closed. Then set the parameter to never.

The variable messname contains the filename for system messages. The default for this name is “FRA”. System messages are accessed by the mess function.
The value of the [S]messname variable is determined:

  • as a priority by the adonix start-up option: adonix -l fic_trad that defines the use of the translation file fic_trad.
  • in one of the APL.ini files that are executed when the application is started up.
  • if nothing has been defined, the “FRA” file is used.The variable messname is set when Adonix is started up, and it cannot be assigned later.
    Class, type and dimension
    Char [S]messname (255) (1)

Navigate to Developments>Utilities>Verifications>Database> Table reports. And then click “Ok” button.
On Click of ok button, at the bottom of the screen you will get the calculated database size of your folder.

  1. Navigate to: Manufacturing >Production scheduler>Remove from scheduling.
  2. Enter mandatory details on the below screen and click on create.
  3. Now you can create the work order by using copy.