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  1. Go to Banking, then click on the bank account you want to set up feeds for.
  2. Click Connect to Bank.
  3. Read the full terms and conditions, then click Accept Terms and Continue.
  4. In the Choose your bank section, select your bank, then in the What type of account do you have? section, select your account type.
  1. Go to Settings, then click Data Management.
  2. Click Reset my Data.
  3. Enter the email address you use to sign in to your Sage service, then click Delete Data.

You’ve successfully reset your data and can now start entering your information again.

  1. Go to Pensions, then click the View employee auto enrolment statuses link.
  2. Click Download Report.
  3. Open the downloaded PDF file, then either print the report or save it to another location.

Your bank feeds normally refresh once every 24 hours, depending on your bank account. New transactions automatically appear in the Banking tab for the relevant bank account.

To manually check for new transactions, click the transactions link. You can refresh your bank feeds manually once every 15 minutes by clicking the refresh button for that bank account.

If you use multi-factor authentication, you’re prompted to enter your security details before you can check your new transactions.