panintelligenceAbout – Panintelligence

Panintelligence is a UK-based analytics and business intelligence software company. Panintelligence’s dashboard software allows everyone in the business to access one centralised reporting platform, with real-time data displaying a single version of the truth.

Self-service BI and analytics software removes the need for dumping down data into Excel and manipulating it. With a company’s employees all accessing the dashboard, data is taken out of silos and is always shown in real-time.

Key features of Panintelligence for Sage

Share information securely: Lock down what users can and can’t see in Pi for Sage by applying restrictions to each individual user.

Connect to other databases in your business: The software is scalable – it can connect to multiple companies in Sage 200.

Provide workers in the field with information at their fingertips: Users can access any information wherever they are, even if they don’t have a Sage licence. The dashboard works fully on tablet and mobile devices.

The product comes pre-configured: Don’t start from scratch; Pi for Sage comes pre-configured with a built-in data connection and a library of charts.

Let your reports update on their own: Don’t waste time dumping data down into Excel. Let your reports update on their own, with live data, in the dashboard.

“Panintelligence is delighted to be partnering with Acorn IT Solutions. We’re very excited to be building our presence in the Irish market with Acorn by helping their customers understand their data easier, allowing them to make faster, better decisions with our pre-configured Sage Dashboard solution.”
Feedback from Jade Turley – Channel Account Manager , Panintelligence

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About – Eureka Addons

Eureka Addons are five-time winners of the Sage Custom Solutions Partner of the Year Award and develop products designed to expand the capabilities and functionalities of Sage software. Their range of solutions are proven to deliver significant time & cost savings, whilst improving internal procedures and customer service, freeing up resources to reinvest in achieving business goals across a range of industries.


“We’ve worked with Acorn IT Solutions for a number of years and have always found them great to deal with. They have a number of sites using our addons and development, we’ve worked with them on a range of projects to ensure the best results for their Sage customers”
Allan James – Channel Manager , Eureka Addons

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About – Sicon 

Sicon have been developing software applications for integration with Sage for over 20 years and are now well established as one of the leading developers in the UK and Ireland. They design and develop applications solely for Sage 200 and produce innovative, high quality & highly functional additions.


“Essentially we work in partnership with Acorn to assist them to sell integrating solutions for their customers, which link back to Sage 200. We have a wide range of vertical solutions, from Construction, Manufacturing, Service, Hire, Project Management, Distribution to new a few.

Sicon also provide a range of other smaller applications to plug the gaps to fill those areas which Sage are unable to provide, such as Cash flow, Intercompany, DMS, Contract Manager, Audit Log, Fixed Assets, Barcoding, WAP with purchase requisitions, Invoice approval, Expenses, Timesheets, Sales orders, and Holiday requisitions.”
Sarah Vickers – Brand Partner Manager, Panintelligence

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About – Codis

Codis are a successful and well-established business software developer. A service driven Sage Business Partner and Professional Developer, recognized within the industry for providing robust and innovative business solutions that endure the tests of financial rigour.

Product Profile

Codis have been selling Excelerator for nearly 20 years and have implementations throughout the world. In October 2016, Sage selected Excelerator to become part of the Sage 200 range. Excelerator is an innovative, proven Excel add-in which enables Sage users to prepare and post Sage data from Excel spreadsheets. One of the key benefits is that it automates your data entry, leading to greater productivity and reliability of data. Data is instantly validated and updated to Sage from Excel with complete accuracy, redefining user expectations and cutting data processing costs by up to 50%


“Acorn and Codis work closely together to deliver meaningful real-time benefits to the customer base. As an accredited Excelerator reseller Acorn have quickly proven themselves to be a leader in delivering Excelerator solutions”
Cormac McCarthy – Sales Manager

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About – Eque2

Eque2 is the market-leading supplier of business management software to the construction and contracting industries, with more than 1,300 customers spanning small to enterprise sized organisations. Eque2 offers a choice of modular or integrated easy-to-use software that streamlines every stage of the construction or house building lifecycle.

Product Profile

Construct for Sage 50 Accounts is a comprehensive and flexible construction accounting software solution providing you with the tools required to run and manage your business. Never go over budget again and save yourself hours by minimising manual data entry.

“Working with Acorn IT solutions allows us to work together and offer customers more choice around the best solution to meet their business needs”
Justin Moule – Managing Director

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