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About – Draycir

Draycir creates document management and credit control software that provides practical solutions to real business problems – helping businesses reduce their environmental impact, cut costs and bad debt, and improve cash flow. Our multi award-winning software enables small-medium businesses, as well as public organisations, to trade intelligently and get paid faster.

With over 90,000 users world-wide, Draycir’s customers benefit from unrivalled support at every step of their journey, which has resulted in an amazing 99.2% customer and partner satisfaction score across all Draycir products.

Product Profile

  • Spindle Purchase Invoice Recognition & Approvals – Works with any invoice without needing template-based learning, cuts time spent entering data in Sage 200 that can read line items. matches invoices against PO or GRN, using an extensive set of rules, integrates with Project Accounting in Sage 200 and includes a free built-in approval tool and mobile app to approve or reject invoices 24/7, wherever you are.
  • Self Serve – Online portal for customers and internal users enabling easy retrieval of documents from within Sage 200, beyond the accounts department
  • Document Capture – Go paperless by scanning, barcoding, importing and drag and dropping incoming documents to store them electronically, scan and import documents straight into Sage 200, and save time and capture documents on the go with your mobile device, available for iOS and Android devices.
  • Proof of Delivery (POD) – Integrates with Spindle Self Serve, ideal for businesses who operate their own-fleet deliveries or service staff who require a signature. Includes mobile app for delivery drivers.
  • Document Distribution – Intelligently send emails, invoices, statements and other finance documents to where they need to go, while archiving them against the transaction they relate to in Sage. Get paid faster with ‘Pay now’ buttons added to invoices, pro forma invoices, statements and chasing letters using Sage Pay

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About – Sicon 

Sicon have been developing software applications for integration with Sage for over 20 years and are now well established as one of the leading developers in the UK and Ireland. They design and develop applications solely for Sage 200 and produce innovative, high quality & highly functional additions.

Product Profile

  • Sicon Financials – Features include modules for Audit Log, Cash Flow, Contracts, Direct Debit Integrations, Document Management, Fixed Asset Management, Intercompany, Tasks and Contacts.
  • Sicon Commercials – Features include modules for Barcoding and Warehousing, Construction and CIS, Distribution, Hire, Service, Manufacturing, Job Costing, Kitting, Material and Resource Planning and Works Order Processing (WOP).
  • WAP – Web Authorisation – allows easy data entry and approval processing for business documents such as Purchase Requisitions, Invoice Approval, Expenses, Timesheets, Sales Orders, Holidays and HR.

“Essentially we work in partnership with Acorn to assist them to sell integrating solutions for their customers, which link back to Sage 200. We have a wide range of vertical solutions, from Construction, Manufacturing, Service, Hire, Project Management, Distribution to new a few.

Sicon also provide a range of other smaller applications to plug the gaps to fill those areas which Sage are unable to provide, such as Cash flow, Intercompany, DMS, Contract Manager, Audit Log, Fixed Assets, Barcoding, WAP with purchase requisitions, Invoice approval, Expenses, Timesheets, Sales orders, and Holiday requisitions.”
Steve Jemmott – Sales Manager

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About – Eque2

Eque2 is the market-leading supplier of business management software to the construction and contracting industries, with more than 1,300 customers spanning small to enterprise sized organisations. Eque2 offers a choice of modular or integrated easy-to-use software that streamlines every stage of the construction or house building lifecycle.

Product Profile

Construct for Sage Accounts delivers transparency, functionality and accountability and is the perfect solution for small and medium size contractors:

  • Construct for Sage 50 Accounts is the most popular contract cost management solution for small and medium size contractors in the construction industry. Key features include Job Costing, Purchase Order Processing, Manage Subcontractors, Advanced Reporting, Document Attachments and Timesheet.
  • Construct for Sage 200 Accounts is the platform of choice for medium to large contractors that require the combination of a sophisticated contract management system and a highly flexible accounting platform. With all the core functionality of Construct for Sage 50, additional features include Flexible/Closed Period Accounting, 3-tiered Nominal Code Structure, Detailed Nominal Budget Analysis , Stock Management and Integrated Excel Reporting.

“Working with Acorn IT solutions allows us to work together and offer customers more choice around the best solution to meet their business needs”
Justin Moule – Managing Director

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About – Eureka Addons

Eureka Addons are five-time winners of the Sage Custom Solutions Partner of the Year Award and develop products designed to expand the capabilities and functionalities of Sage software. Their range of solutions are proven to deliver significant time & cost savings, whilst improving internal procedures and customer service, freeing up resources to reinvest in achieving business goals across a range of industries.

Product Profile

As an award winning Sage Developer, Eureka specialise in customising, enhancing and expanding Sage 200. Key features include solutions for a Courier Link, Sales Order Plus, Purchase Order Plus, Warranties, Services and Repairs, Stock Management, Web Purchase Order Requisitions, Data Exchange and Fixed Asset Management.

“We’ve worked with Acorn IT Solutions for a number of years and have always found them great to deal with. They have a number of sites using our addons and development, we’ve worked with them on a range of projects to ensure the best results for their Sage customers”
Allan James – Channel Manager , Eureka Addons

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About – Codis

Codis are a successful and well-established business software developer. A service driven Sage Business Partner and Professional Developer, recognized within the industry for providing robust and innovative business solutions that endure the tests of financial rigour.

Product Profile

  • Excelerator – Excelerator is the powerful, proven Excel add-in that creates seamless integration from Excel to Sage 200, Sage 500 and Sage 1000. With a mouse click, data is validated and updated to Sage with complete accuracy, redefining user expectations and cutting data processing costs by up to 50%.


“Acorn and Codis work closely together to deliver meaningful real-time benefits to the customer base. As an accredited Excelerator reseller Acorn have quickly proven themselves to be a leader in delivering Excelerator solutions”
Cormac McCarthy – Sales Manager

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panintelligenceAbout – Panintelligence

Panintelligence is a UK-based analytics and business intelligence software company. Panintelligence’s dashboard software allows everyone in the business to access one centralised reporting platform, with real-time data displaying a single version of the truth.

Self-service BI and analytics software removes the need for dumping down data into Excel and manipulating it. With a company’s employees all accessing the dashboard, data is taken out of silos and is always shown in real-time.

Product Profile

  • Pi for Sage is a business intelligence and analytics dashboard, which is pre-configured for Sage 50, Sage 200, and Sage CRM. Replacing individual, siloed reporting practices with a centralised reporting dashboard for Sage allows your users to self-serve their own information in a secure environment. Key features include accessible Data Visualisation and instant KPI alerts.

“Panintelligence is delighted to be partnering with Acorn IT Solutions. We’re very excited to be building our presence in the Irish market with Acorn by helping their customers understand their data easier, allowing them to make faster, better decisions with our pre-configured Sage Dashboard solution.”
Feedback from Jade Turley – Channel Account Manager , Panintelligence

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