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FP McCann is the UK’s largest manufacturer of precast concrete solutions. Due to a rapid period of growth, FP McCann required a more powerful solution that could cope with the varying nature of works and the volume of transactions being processed. With an excellent working relationship already established, Acorn IT Solutions implemented Sage 200 with an Eque2 Construct link and bespoke developments.

Client Profile – FP McCann

FP McCann is the UK’s largest manufacturer of precast concrete solutions. Established in 1979, FP McCann currently boasts a workforce of over 1,350 employees.  We manage projects from conception to completion and handover by providing facilities and general management throughout the build programme. We are committed to high quality, cost-effective and sustainable solutions tailored to meet clients’ budgets and expectations.

From our 12 manufacturing facilities, we offer an extensive range of quality precast concrete solutions such as drainage, tunnels, shafts, rail, power and infrastructure, walling, fencing, agricultural, flooring and bespoke precast products.   We can customise our solutions to ensure they create maximum value for any project, accommodating site conditions, design requirements and construction needs.  Through our Quarries & Readymix plants, we supply a wide range of heavy building materials to the construction industry.  We offer a range of sustainable and innovative product solutions that complement our standard package of products and services.

At FP McCann, we have a long history of meeting our customers’ needs.  Our product range has never been more diverse, more competitive, or more in-tune with our clients’ needs than it is today. The quality and reliability of our products and services are the foundation of our success.  We are constantly developing and improving our solutions, whilst striving to exceed customer expectations.  This ability to deliver has established FP McCann as a valuable and reliable partner.

What was the challenge?

FP McCann have grown rapidly in recent years. This growth involved moves into different market sectors and as a result the company required a more powerful solution that could cope with the varying nature of works and the volume of transactions being processed.

The Sage Line 100 system that was in place was struggling to cope with the rapid period of growth and was experiencing a number of issues:

  • Speed – The system was lagging with the increasing volume of transactions which was leading to delays.
  • Integration issues – The system required the ability to integrate with the other internal bespoke software within the business.
  • Financial management – The influx of transactions required a more powerful accounting solution.
  • Reporting delays – The increasing volume of data was proving problematic to produce and access accurate reports.
  • Requirement for a more user-friendly interface.

Clare Loye, Company Accountant:

“The key challenge was to implement a successful accounts and job costing solution that would link seamlessly with our internally designed software packages in multiple areas of the organisation.”

The Solution

Acorn IT Solutions have a long standing and in-depth knowledge of FP McCann’s business operations and were best placed to identify and implement the most appropriate solution. Due to the extensive period of growth, it was recommended that the ideal solution would be to upgrade to the Sage 200 package. Sage has now been embedded in FP McCann for over 20 years which highlights their trust and satisfaction in the software.

Sage 200 was recommended as the natural progression from Sage Line 100 as FP McCann needed the functionality of a larger system. Sage 200 is a modular based business management system that provides rich functionality, automating all your business processes, providing a 360-degree view of the business, from back office accounts to customer service delivery. One of the key reasons for selecting Sage 200 was that it could be easily tailored to meet the needs of the business with simplistic integration to internally developed software packages. Another key feature is the Financials Module, which lets FP McCann see their financial position of the company at any point in time, running four key ledgers – sales, purchasing, nominal, and cashbook.

Acorn IT Solutions, through their partner network, implemented Eque2 Construct for FP McCann’s job costing needs. This link minimises manual data entry which streamlines every stage of the construction lifecycle. Additionally, Acorn IT Solutions have also designed and developed their own bespoke solution in the form of BACS Direct Debit software that collects and allocates receipts from customers on a monthly basis.


Integration with existing business applications
Financial Management
Process automation

Clare Loye, Company Accountant:

“Thanks to a great working relationship with Acorn IT Solutions and trust in Sage products that we used for many years, it was an easy choice to upgrade to Sage 200 for our accounts solution and Eque2 Construct for our job costing needs.”


“Sage 200 has proved to be a powerful and stable product that performs well across many sites.  Acorn IT Solutions and Sage are at the core of this and are an integral part of our daily business operation.”

Clare Loye, Company Accountant

Investing in Sage 200 and additional software has allowed FP McCann to avail of a number of benefits:

  1. Improved insights – Business intelligence and Report Designer feature allows FP McCann to access high quality and relevant reports which gives accurate up-to-date information that is invaluable to management.
  2. Greater efficiency – FP McCann have been able to streamline Accounting and Job Costing processes due to increased automation which saves time and resources.
  3. Less manual intervention – FP McCann’s standalone purchase and sales order systems now post directly into Sage 200 & Eque2 Construct without the need for invoices to be entered manually which saves time and effort.
  4. Greater visibility and transparency – Communication and accountability has improved between different departments in FP McCann due to a greater share of information from a centralised solution.
  5. Improved financial control –  Greater control and management of their financial position with accurate and timely data that is accessible at the touch of a button.
  • Improved insights

  • Greater efficiency

  • Less manual intervention

  • Greater visibility and transparency

  • Improved financial control

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