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Project Description

Warehouse Management Solution

Warehouse Management Solution

What is it?

Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) is a product created by Acorn IT Solutions which has been adopted by multiple companies over the years to streamline their goods in/goods out processes throughout the warehouse. WMS is fully customizable to cater for specific client requirements, but already has various modules included which can efficiently automate the handling of the buy and sell procedure, while maintaining the link from purchase to sale for traceability via utilising barcoding technologies. Built with the latest Microsoft .Net technologies, its strong and reliable Microsoft SQL Database structure enables companies to confidently build processes into the application safe in the knowledge that all data is safe and secure.


  • Full Searchable Stock List – Database of all stock items with their stock codes, quantities and locations.
  • Goods in – Record Goods in being received with or without Purchase Orders or if they are recorded for purely stock purposes.
  • Transfer stock – Move stock from one location in warehouse to another with tracking to update package and crate location.
  • View Built Pallets and Despatch – View built up pallets and their contents and have ability to edit contents, remove the pallet and mark as checked. Print pallet labels, update location and add it to despatch area so it can be sent.
  • Integrate with Sage – The despatch will have to be posted to Sage and a Despatch note can be printed.
  • Write off stock – Ability to write off specific stock items, products or pallets.
  • Stocktake – At any time, you can request a stock take to see a current view of stock.


  • Traceability – All transactions can be traced throughout the system, from an item arriving in stock, where it has been placed in the warehouse, if there has been a transfer to another location and finally what customer has received that specific item of stock.
  • Reduces risk of human error – Validation/Scanning added to each process to ensure the risk of human error is greatly reduced.
  • Eliminates duplication of processes as it is integrated with Sage and updates are applied instantly across the systems.
  • Reduction manual creation of documents – All labels & paperwork can be printed directly from within the system meaning no time-consuming creation of documents

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