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Sage 50 CIS

This add on works with your Sage 50 Accounts accounts software to help you keep up to date and compliant with Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) legislation, and cut down the amount of time you spend managing your subcontractors' tax.

From 6 April 2007, Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) legislation means that the way you manage your subcontractors' tax deductions has changed.

You will need to submit monthly information to HMRC before deducting tax from your subcontractors pay, as well as producing monthly statements for them. To help you get to grips with these changes Sage 50 CIS has been introduced.

Sage 50 Job Costing

Sage 50 Job Costing is ideal for businesses of all sizes in all sectors, and helps you analyse and control the costs of your jobs and services you provide. It provides true business control by helping you understand the precise cost breakdown of any job.

Sage 50 Job Costing is truly flexible, so no matter what your requirements it will help you manage your cost control and analysis. You can choose exactly how costs and revenues are broken down, in as much detail as you want, making it easier to assess and control all of your projects.

Credit Hound

Credit Hound is award-winning credit control software for Sage 50 Accounts. It automates and streamlines the processes involved in good credit control.

It's a powerful credit control solution that works with your Sage 50 Accounts software to get you paid sooner - improving your cash flow, reducing bad debts and increasing your bank balance

Save time; let Credit Hound do the work for you, By telling you who you need to contact and writing the letters for you, Credit Hound’s automated features do most of the chasing for you.

Connect 50

Connect for Sage 50 is a middleware product that lets you integrate your Website with your Sage accounting software.

Connect uses a simple “data feed” to import or export data using either the Web, Email, File or FTP connectors which means Connect can be integrated with any Website or application.

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