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Document Management Software

Do your customers demand proof of delivery before paying an invoice?

Would you like a way of rapidly retrieving purchase invoices sent to you by you suppliers?

Do you have any types of documents which you are currently filling that take up too much space in your cupboards and take to long to retrieve the correct document?

Acorn's Document Management System is the solution for you!!

How does it work?

  • Simply scan your documents using new or existing hardware.

  • Save your document somewhere on your computer/network that you can access.

  • Run Acorn's Document Management System over the files (approx 60 documents per minute).

  • This will move the files to another directory (on your computer/network) and rename them to index variable you have chosen.

  • Optionally the software can also write out to a database the file name and indexed content.

How can I retrieve a document?

  • Through the directory structure simply look for the appropriate file name.

  • Using the scanning program enter the index value.

  • Through Sage 200 & Sage 50 use our document retrieval app.
    Simple fast access to all your PODs even send them with every invoice if you like!

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