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The Contact and Customer Manager

Managing relationships using Act! can help you convert prospects into customers and your customers into long term relationships as part of a successful, long term business strategy.

Key Features

  • Provides easy ways to look up contacts by not only their name and address information.

  • Act! allows you to seamlessly interact with social tools like Facebook and LinkedIn.

  • Creates personalised letters or emails and remembers when it was sent, who sent it, and what was said.

  • Provides one click access to scheduling new appointments or keeping track of currently scheduled meetings, phone calls, and important tasks.

  • Keeps a record of each "touch" with your contacts, all in one easy to view place.

  • Tracking opportunities that you hope to close, that did close and the ones that got away.

  • Offers a customizable dashboard view of key business indicators using data pulled from different areas of Act! to help you manage your business.

  • Customer reports available at the click of a button with quick summaries and overviews.

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